Testing Schedule

Mark your calendar for TCS Spring Testing Dates and discuss testing tips with your child, so he/she is well prepared.  

Please do not schedule doctors’ appointments or other out of school activities during testing hours.

SC READY ELA (grades 3-8)             May 10-11, 2022

SC READY MATH (grades 3-8)          May 17, 2022

SC PASS SCIENCE (grades 4,6)       May 18, 2022


EOC Algebra 1                                  May 18, 2022

EOC Biology                                     May 19, 2022

Testing Tips

Students and parents can work together to make sure they are well prepared by following these suggestions: 

Students should:

  • Rest on the nights before these tests.
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast on the morning of each test.
  • Be in school and on time, except in cases of illness.
  • Listen attentively to the teacher’s directions so he/she will know exactly what to do.
  • Read each test question and each response carefully before selecting an answer choice.
  • Stay calm if there are questions that seem difficult.
  • Mark his/her best answer.
  • Refrain from bringing any electronic device that can be used for communicating, timing, or imaging into the testing location.


Students may not be in possession of any electronic device(s) during the test administration that can be used for communicating, recording, timing, creating images, or storing images with the exception of necessary medical devices. Devices will be collected by the teacher and returned after each test session is completed.

Please use the link below to access information on the South Carolina Department of Education Webpage regarding spring testing:

Student and Parent Resources - South Carolina Department of Education - 03/31/2022 3:45 AM